More Golden Globe Goodness

Predictably, Ricky Gervais, the atheist sodomite who called the glitterati  gathered for the Golden Globe Awards “Perverts” (got to love the irony!) and other choice words, has come under attack from lefties everywhere. But this prickly pixie isn’t bending over and taking it (at least, not this time). No, this is a fightin’ fairy who is not afraid of  Returning Fire!

I confess, I really enjoy watching the left eat their own. Long may it continue! I suspect it will, what with the current contest for the DNC crown spilling out into the wider culture. But as entertaining as all the hair pulling and clawing the dems primaries may soon serve up might be, I suspect it will be nothing compared to what will follow when President Trump hands them their bruised and battered asses on election night.

Safe spaces are gonna burn in the internecine civil war that will consume the DNC as libtards and progtards blame each other (and Russian bots?) for the party’s humiliating defeat.

The phenomenon reminds me of the Bible story I read a couple of weeks back:  In the  20th Chapter of the 2nd book of Paralipomenon King Josaphat and the people of Judah are in deep distress because of the massive army of allied enemies arrayed against them. God’s prophet, Jahaziel admonishes them ‘… Fear ye not, and be not dismayed at this multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.’

After fasting and prayers, King Josaphat led his small army against the horde only to find it already defeated. The alliance had crumbled over night, the factions turned on each other leaving the Jews a field strewn with butchered bodies and much booty!

I believe and pray we’re beginning to see something similar starting in our day. For so long the enemy has occupied the high ground (strategic, certainly not moral) of society’s every institution; our churches, academia, film, television, the news, networks, publishers et al, they have all been arrayed against us in such number and strength that it has been very tempting to give up the fight and just swallow the black pill of despair. We need not go there, of course. These kerfuffles stirred by Gervais and Dave Chappelle before him could very well be the first exchanges of insults and curses that will eventually break out into fisticuffs, drawn knives and outright civil war among the enemy rank and file.

But even if they’re not and we’re overestimating the import of these episodes, we should not forget ‘the battle is still not ours, but God’s.’ Our job is to keep up the faith and the fight, and yes, the prayer and the fasting!

In the mean time enjoy yourself a laugh at the enemy’s expense:

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