Happy Saint Stephen’s Day!

  On this, the second day of Christmas, the Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Stephen, her first martyr. Alternately, the day is also called  Boxing Day, and in the spirit of this latter designation, I offer you the chance to pick up a FREE Kindle copy of my first novel, The House Of War: Book One … Continue reading Happy Saint Stephen’s Day!

Merry Christmas!

The Child is Born By Hilaire Belloc   In the midwinter and the turning of the year to new things, Christendom has fixed the Mass of the Incarnation: of the divine birth, the renewal, the recovery of mankind. Those who sneer at our origins tell us that the long dark Pagan time, which ended in … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

It’s A Wonderful Tale

From INFOGALACTIC:  In February 1938 Stern awoke with the story in mind. Inspired by a dream that was reminiscent of the 1843 Charles Dickens novella A Christmas Carol, Stern wrote a 4,000 word short story called "The Greatest Gift". He began work on it in 1939 but didn't finish until 1943, and was then unable to find a publisher. He … Continue reading It’s A Wonderful Tale

Exorcists Call for Praying and Fasting this Friday, Dec. 6

'WASHINGTON —  Four exorcists have issued a joint statement asking Catholics worldwide to dedicate Dec. 6 as a day of fasting, prayer and reparation, “for the purpose of driving out any diabolic influence within the Church that has been gained as a result of recent events.” The exorcists, who have requested anonymity due to the … Continue reading Exorcists Call for Praying and Fasting this Friday, Dec. 6