Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman

via Today we sing Cardinal Newman’s hymn, “Lead, Kindly Light,” which his own life embodied and faith made bold: “I do not ask to see the distant scene, one step enough for me.” John Henry Newman was many things. The article above will give those unfamiliar with the Church's newest Saint a succinct summary of … Continue reading Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman


CHOICE WORDS – A Short Story

Democratic Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris calls for the  SHUTTING DOWN of President Trump's Twitter account. Meanwhile,  NYC BANS THE TERM 'ILLEGAL ALIEN'  and the town's namesake liberal rag declares,  'FREE SPEECH IS KILLING US!' It's like they want to make a prophet out of me:

Talking Dying Franchises at ‘The Federalist’

"The imaginative power of Star Wars’s IP has been systematically stripped away into a confused and contradictory mess loaded down with contemporary politics. The simple, yet rich story of the originals (and even of the prequels, for all their faults) now suffers from a soulless and pointless tumor that grinds the rich characters of the … Continue reading Talking Dying Franchises at ‘The Federalist’