Mass Shootings: Sources and Solutions

Messano News  offers up a succinct and, for the most part, correct analysis of the epidemic of mass shootings. My only issue with the post is that it leaves out one other contributing factor: legalized abortion.

There is no doubt that nothing in our history has cheapened human life quite so dramatically as the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v Wade. Overturn that Satanic ruling and the long climb back to a sane civilization can, at last, begin. This must start by acknowledging that the ‘Constitutional Right To Abortion’  is pure fiction, a ‘right’ conjured out of thin air.

From there we can proceed to not merely de-funding Planned Parenthood, but shutting down the entire abortion industry PP rules. The monies presently funding these infanticide mills can be put towards creating genuine women and children health services, jump-starting  a desperately needed Pro-Life Culture.

I hasten to add that our society’s present and tragic state is the result of its wholesale abandonment of Christianity. Only a restoration of Christendom will save us (from ourselves). Failing that, I fear the mass shootings are bound to continue until some future government attempts to forcefully disarm the American citizenry and in so doing precipitates the apocalyptic bloodletting of a full-blown civil war.

Our Lady of Peace, Pray for us!

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