The X-Men Go To Church

Below are snippets from a long-lost episode of the X-Men’s long-storied past. This is an episode not likely to be inserted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon. Too bad. I’d wager it would be more critically and commercially successful than the misadventure which is the most  Recent Installment  in Marvel Comics’ mutants movie franchise.


3 thoughts on “The X-Men Go To Church

  1. Oh, I love this episode! It would make a great film (or subplot therein)! Did you know Stan Lee was apparently fascinated by Catholicism? That’s why there are so many Catholics in the Marvel Universe(s). He never converted, but his interest certainly helped make his comics better. 😃

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    1. No, I did not know that about Stan Lee. I recently learned that Lovecraft too developed a fascination with ye olde Church of Rome after a visit to Quebec.

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