Donning Armor

Ever wonder how plated armor is put on? I have ever since beginning the second novel in The Holy Terran Empire  space opera series. Below is one of the succinct videos on the subject.

3 thoughts on “Donning Armor

  1. I’m glad that you’re working on the second novel. I really enjoyed the first one and wrote a brief review.
    I look forward to the second one because I”m really curious as to what Gaelic decided and how the story subsequently unfolds



    1. I’m happy to learn that you enjoyed it! The second book will be entitled ‘Faith and Empire’, but I’m afraid you will have to wait for book three to find out what next happens to Gaelic.

      I’m using the second book to give the reader an insider’s view of the Holy Terran Empire. The point of view character will be the Templar Knight Zephyrinus Zapatas. We will follow his career from cadet (some twenty or so years before the events of One Last Flight) through to the battle for the planet Amber.

      I plan to bring Gaelic and Zephyrinus together again in the third book in an odd-couple pairing of opposites forced to work together in the war effort.
      I’m aiming for a November release of ‘Faith and Empire’, so wish me luck!


      1. Carlos,

        Excellent! I do look forward to second book.I’m very interested to learn more about the Terran Empire and what sets it apart from the other planets. What I’m curious about is the Earth’s political regime and if you’ll address Cardinal Burke’s recent comments about theocracy through the book.

        I can’t wait.


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