Deep Fakes for the Deep State



When I saw the movie Forrest Gump years ago and first watched those scenes where the actor Tom Hanks’ titular character was spliced into historic footage I thought, “Aww hell, it won’t be too long before this technology is put into the service of propaganda.”

People being scrubbed from official records, erased from photos and generally struck from history was going to become oh so old world real quick. Manipulating news footage gives the new world orderlings a new toy with which to control the narrative. And with what little knowledge of history the average college student demonstrates on video after video, the new toy is bound to be highly effective.

I can hear the taunting of future professors already:

“Who are you gonna believe kid, grandpa’s whiskey-addled memory or the videotape?”

One thought on “Deep Fakes for the Deep State

  1. I feel like this is the logical next step. Photos have been photo shopped for several decades. Many videos are already photo shopped. It makes sense that this is the next, nevertheless scary, step.

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