Breaking Fast

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. I did until the heart-breaking news out of Sri-Lanka broke. At present there is no comment that I could make about the incident that would not be outright hateful, so I’ll hold my tongue and offer up my sorrow-laden prayers until my usual Catholic stoicism re-asserts itself.

In the meantime, I will talk about Lent.

I decided to observe an internet fast this past Lenten Season. I even managed to stick to it but for three short-lived slips. It was an educational experience. For starters, I became immediately aware of the strength of the internet’s pull; the sticky, entangling and trapping nature of the ‘web’ was undeniable.

Secondly, once I was free of it for a couple of weeks and no longer keeping up with the daily soap operas unfolding in Church and State, my attitude and outlook improved markedly. As my mind no longer worried itself with the ramifications of every word or deed spoken and performed by every stupid priest and idiot politician, I found myself praying longer and deeper, reading more and my words-per-day count tripled in short order.

Thus, it is with a slight foreboding that I return to these, our interwebs. It is a slight trepidation for I return with the firm resolve not to allow myself to be consumed by it again. I will henceforth limit my surfing to no more than three hours on Saturday.



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