The Summit of Hypocrisy and the Depths of Apathy

Without Archbishop Vigano’s participation, I knew the recent Vatican summit on sexual abuse by the clergy was going to be a farce. Without Vigano in attendance, the gathered bishops could, with little resistance, pretend with the world at large that the Roman Catholic Church has a pedophilia problem when, in fact, the evidence suggests that the real problem is  Ephebophilia  in general and  Pederasty  in particular. Without Vigano to challenge them, the bishops could put the blame on Clericalism, sparing the sodomites infesting the ranks of clerics any real scrutiny. Without Vigano in the room, they could all comfortably ignore the fact that everyone gathered for the summit and the very pope who called for it, are all guilty of hiding and/or defending numerous sodomites in collars.

In the end the Summit was little more than a cover-up of a cover-up. The only thing it accomplished was the squandering of what precious little credibility the Catholic Church had left in this world.

As a result, I find myself sadly envious of Catholics in the Middle Ages. These predecessors of ours could go through their whole lives without seeing or even hearing a single word spoken by their Pope.  Neither did the majority of them have much traffic with their Bishops. Our present pope, his flock of cardinals and current batch of bishops sorely tempt me to do  Rod Dreher one better and go hole up in a cave somewhere.

The Saint Anthony the Great Option, anyone?

Now, I know that Church history is littered with crappy bishops, a good portion of them having had the distinction of wearing the red and even being the Bishop of Rome, but they are all dead now, gone to their eternal fates. Their misdeeds, sins and blasphemies live on only in history books which do not evoke the visceral response of the nightly news. And that visceral response has gone from anger to disgust to nigh despondency. Not an utter hopelessness, but more of a numbing apathy for all things Vatican.

In short, this pontificate is dead to me, which sounds harsher than it is if one forgets that Christians are big believers in resurrection.  Holy Father, you have my prayers, but I can’t spare any interest in anything you might have to say on any subject until you fire up the Inquisition again and run every last sodomite out of the priesthood. If you can do that, then I am Totus Tuus. If you can’t or won’t, then I will not look towards Rome again until I hear the cry from the loggia announcing ‘Habemus Papam.’

And as for the USCCB; that envelope I received in the mail last week for the Annual Bishops Appeal… don’t hold your breaths, your Excellencies.



2 thoughts on “The Summit of Hypocrisy and the Depths of Apathy

  1. Lol, I just watched this video twenty minutes ago. But it’s so sad that the Church couldn’t seem to fix its corruption during the summit. On one hand, I don’t have high expectations. On the other hand, I keep having infinite hope that God’s wisdom will help the Church fix it’s internal sins.


    1. We’ll either fix it ourselves, with God’s help or God will fix it for us, without our help. The latter will probably be a more harrowing experience. Either way, it’s getting fixed.

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