Kids and Cucks

President Trump is so right! The media is the enemy of the people. Yes, I know, Trump says it the fake news that is the enemy, not the real news. But I find that is quickly becoming a distinction without a difference. This time around there wasn’t even a distinction to be had between ‘left’ and ‘right’ wing outlets. Both sides were equally disgusting.

But they weren’t the worst offenders. No. That distinction goes  to those who should have been the first and loudest defenders of these young men.

Kentucky’s Covington Catholic Diocese owes these students and their parents a public apology for jumping so readily – perhaps even so eagerly – onto the chorus of condemnation. I recommended the condemning Diocese officers open their Catechisms to paragraphs 2476 – 2479, read them and then repent, again publicly and preferably in sackcloth and ashes.

If you feel inclined to speak up for the kids thrown under the bus by their own spineless leaders,   is the email.




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