Psychologists Go Full Femtard!

I’ve always maintained that psychology is the crappiest of all pseudo sciences. It is a pill-pushing scam rather than a genuine science. As evidence, I offer this latest tidbit from those insightful plumbers of the human psyche:

Traditional Masculinity Has Been Declared Harmful  by psychologists.

Below you will find a disturbing glimpse at the sort of poor, wretched creatures the Satanists who presently run the world would hold up as the ideal male.



One thought on “Psychologists Go Full Femtard!

  1. Damn, that article you linked was a bit frightening. I thought this was a great quote at the end of it though: “Men and women are not the same,” Orient asserts, however. “Trying to homogenize them will destroy both. Women need the strength and protective instincts of their men, and men need the love and faithful support of their women.”

    I think something that a lot of people fail to understand when they subscribe to this idea of the patriarchy is that men and women have always contributed in different ways to try and achieve a common goal. Just because those contributions are different doesn’t mean that’s a negative thing.

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