Beyond 2024

With the Mid-Term election now in the rear view mirror we can see clearly what we already knew going into the contest; We’re a deeply divided country.

Duh, huh?

Will Trump’s Presidency prove to be little more than a short reprieve of sanity before America collapses into civil war and is finally balkanized into a half-dozen or so nation states?

Will Trump’s Presidency be the trigger for said civil war?

2020 is now in his sights for sure, and to be certain that he wins re-election he must fulfill his big promises as surely as he has kept his word on the smaller ones. With the greater headwind in the House, Trump is going to need  be off the chain to get ‘er done. If nothing else, Trump Unleashed promises to be a glorious spectacle of across the board epic triggering, but I wouldn’t worry worry about civil war. The opposition doesn’t have it in them. Too much soy in their diet.

But regardless of what happens in the immediate future, I agree with film maker Jon du Toit. As artists, we must look well beyond President Trump and 2024. We must immediately Level Up In The Culture War.

The long march back through the institutions begins with a single step.

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