Bombs and Duds Update +

It would appear that the mailer of the phony pipe bombs may have actually been a Right Wing mid-wit. The operative word, this early in the investigation, is  appear. A couple of anomalies have already popped their inconvenient heads up through the narrative the MSM coverage is busily spinning.


Angles and lighting could possibly explain the differences in sticker arraignment and coloring but then again, maybe not…



Then there is this curiosity…


It’s fair to say that the arrest of  Cesar Sayoc  has raised more questions than it has answered. I await further details with baited breath. Well, not quite. Regardless of whether Sayoc is the culprit or a patsy, a lone loon or just one of a cell, the whole episode, as I said in the Original Post,  stinks more of desperation than of terrorism.


On a not wholly unrelated subject, I would urge even more prayers for our President, Donald J Trump, as he enters truly dangerous waters…

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