Bombs And Duds


The Counter Jihad Report has the most factual analysis of the bomb scare outside of what the FBI might still be keeping close to its vest. An objective reading of the facts can only lead one to conclude that this ‘bomb campaign’ is little more than a hoax. Another Hate Crime Hoax to be precise.

Hate Crime Hoaxing is what one might call a vibrant industry, profitable on many levels for a great many people. It’s a growing industry. One could say that business is booming, unlike the dozen or so pipe bombs so much in the news these last few days. Hoax or not and despite all the jaw-wagging to the contrary, these stunts are not genuine political violence. Anyone who claims otherwise is dreadfully ignorant of history or purposely peddling a false and crass narrative.

Anyone who wants to know what real political violence looks like need only consult the bloody handiwork of organizations like Peru’s  The Shining Path,   Ireland’s   Irish Republican Army,  or Cambodia’s  Khmer Rouge  to name just a few of the 20th century’s more prolific practitioners of ‘enhanced democracy.’ For homegrown examples I would suggest acquainting oneself with the work of American communists  Ted Kaczynski  and  Bill Ayers. For more recent examples there’s always the growing rap sheet of the ever more virulent  Never Trump Resistance Movement  that may pop up at your favorite restaurant at any time.

So, while having all the hallmarks of a hoax, this current mail bomb campaign has also the added and unmistakable feel of a pitiful, pathetic and passive-aggressive sympathy-seeking ploy about it. In truth, there is more an air of desperation than terror about the whole affair.

Of course, I could be wrong. The ongoing investigation may eventually turn up a genuine right-winger culprit. (Hey, we have our mid-wits and numb-skulls too!) We’ll see. Let’s just say that I will be less than shocked if the dastard and demented devil behind all this hails from the left.

Image From  NEON REVOLT, The Go To Source For All News Q!

If it should turn out that I and everyone else calling this mail bomb campaign a hoax are wrong and that there is indeed a real and present danger to Democrats in America, then there is only one thing to do. We must follow Rush Limbaugh’s sage advise to Protect The Democrats By Voting Them Out Of Office!

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