Kavanaugh Confirmed!

Justice Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed this afternoon after weeks of delay, deceit, demagoguery, defamation by diatribe-spewing democrats. Thank God Almighty that they failed and have thus given the nation the most conservative court since 1934!

The libtards may harangue the airwaves and cyberspace for the next week or two with loud lamentations about the sexist nation that would allow such an angry, heavy-drinking, gang-raping cad of a man as Kavanaugh a seat on the highest court in the land, but they will not fool a one of us. Because we know, as Jennifer Hartline has so eloquently pointed out over at Stream, that the hysterics and the caterwauling was never about Kavanaugh. It was all about Roe v Wade…

“I do not know if Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of what he’s accused of doing when he was a teenager. His innocence or guilt is a separate matter.

What I do know is that the anti-Kavanaughs — i.e. the Left, the Democrats — could not care less whether he’s innocent or guilty. They do not care what he may have done as an intoxicated teen. Nor are they racing to defend the honor of Ms. Ford.

These, after all, are die-hard supporters of Bill Clinton, who committed adultery in the Oval Office as President. Clinton also remains credibly accused of rape and sexual assault by multiple women, all while he was a married adult, not an immature teenager.

That undying support is also extended to Hillary Clinton, whose “women should be believed” motto only applies to certain women, provided they are accusing the right man.

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Before Clinton, it was the “Lion of the Senate” Ted Kennedy who enjoyed the same undying adulation and support. Kennedy literally left a woman to drown, and still he spent decades as the Democrat’s hero. Mary Jo Kopechne died trapped in Kennedy’s car under water, while Kennedy saved his own life and career. And how the people loved him. Manslaughter is such a teensy little mistake.

No, I don’t believe for a nanosecond that the Democrats care one whit about Kavanaugh’s innocence or guilt. Their moral indignation is phonier than a $3 dollar bill. (By the way, does Rep. Keith Ellison still have a job?)

Roe. That’s It. Nothing Else.

This is about abortion. It’s about the larger sexual ideology as well, but abortion first and foremost. This is about nothing more than demolishing a candidate for the Supreme Court whom they did not choose, and who poses a serious threat to their golden idol. Abortion is both sacrament and god.

Read the rest of Jennifer Hartline’s brilliant analysis  HERE!

Micheal Matt agrees…

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