Novus Ordo – A New Vision Of Dystopia

This Is The Future

Our Ruling Elite

Is Creating Today

The push to normalize pedophilia is now out in the open. It was inevitable that our hyper-sexual culture would eventually set its sights on children.

If you think it could never happen, I would point out that today’s widespread acceptance of sodomy and virtually unchallenged celebration of same-sex marriage would have been thought impossible fifty years ago.

Pedophilia  is  The Next Frontier  in the Progressive’s race to the bottom-most depth of Hell on Earth.

What will that future look like?

As a writer, my imagination rather readily extrapolates current disturbing trends into nightmarish future possibilities.

Novus Ordo, a dystopian tale about the struggle to recover and preserve innocence in a society hellbent on destroying the very idea of it, is the writing project through which I will tackle the subject. The future society that I have created for the story will necessarily create a darker and more ‘adult-themed’ work than I would normally be interested in producing.

I confess that given the subject matter, I am approaching this tale with some trepidation. I began this work two years ago and abandoned it some twelve thousand words deep because of the misgivings the words evoked. However, a much stronger compulsion bids me to take it up again and, through the vehicle of a cautionary tale, expose the logical and diabolical ends awaiting our society if we do not change course.

I am spending the month of October plotting it out in as much detail as I can in preparation for this year’s NaNoWriMo. My last two attempts at National Novel Writing Month failed to produce  more than ten thousand words between them. I’ve always written by the seat of my pants, a sure but painfully slow process for me. This year, I’m hoping that plotting ahead of time makes my third go at NaNoWriMo a charm.

Anyone else planning to participate in NaNoWriMo?

If so, what sort of novel do you hope to write this November?




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