A Lame Duck Papacy?

Pope Francis’ Latest Quip likening himself to the devil is an interesting one considering he has very recently insinuated that it is his detractors who are The Great Accuser. Seeing as these detractors of the Holy Father have been given this appalling appellation for pointing out his decades-long poor – if not out right criminal – handling of predator prelates under his charge, this self-comparison to the Prince of Darkness rings, well… a little queer.

I very much hope there is no pun in there.

At any rate, the self-effacing humor is lost on many of us. To be honest, when I first read the article, the quip struck me as an unguarded, off-the-cuff blurt of a guilty conscience.

I could be wrong of course. I don’t know the man. I don’t know his heart. But like many Catholics, I am becoming disturbingly familiar with the details of his handling of perverted priests. I fear that his wretched record of covering for these filthy sodomites and child molesters and his refusal to deal forthrightly with the charges leveled at him by Archbishop Vigano will squander what precious little remains of the Church’s moral authority.

Pope Francis must surely know that not a soul in the world could ever give a fig what he has to say about water pollution or even holy water while he refuses to clean out the sewage of sodomy and sexual abuse rising to our ears throughout the Church.

Mustn’t he?


Over at First Things  RR Reno does an excellent job of not just detailing how our beloved Church reached its present predicament but also pointing the way out of it.

And over at Church Militant, they’re calling it pretty much as it is…



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