House of God Cleaning

In a classic case of the fish rotting from the head down, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano implicates the Holy Father in the Cardinal McCarrick cover-up. As one might expect, this has led to a chorus of Catholics calling for  Pope Francis’ Resignation.

On his way home from Ireland, the Pope refused comment on the matter directly. Instead, the Vicar of Christ demurely suggested that journalists read and study Archbishop Vigano’s   11 Page Testimony  and draw their own conclusions.

Only then, would Pope Francis comment.

Having read the Archbishop’s testimony, I can’t, for the life of me, figure what the Pope is aiming for  via this ‘read, study and draw your own conclusion’ stratagem. I found the testimony quite clear, concise and, of course, condemning of the clerical powers that be. The cynic in me suspects the Holy Father is merely playing for time, hoping to ride out the scandal.

I really hope this is one of those rare times the cynic in me is wrong.

All I do know for certain, is that this scandal is a gift from Heaven. We have been handed an opportunity to cleanse the Church, to drive the sodomites out of Her every nook and cranny. I know too that the sodomites are prepared, willing and able to fight for every niche and office they occupy in the Church. It’s going to be war to the knife and the knife to the hilt!

The USCCB is meeting in Baltimore this November 12-15. I expect that will be the first battle royale.

The Line Has Been Drawn.

I will wait until then before I decide whether to join in on the calls for Pope Francis’ resignation.


Mary, Queen of Heaven, Pray for us!


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