It should come as no surprise that the filthiest, most venomous viper in the brood should be the Cardinal Archbishop of the swamp that is D.C.


Most of my fellow Catholics are undoubtedly shaking their heads sadly at the non-stop torrent of terrible and tragic disclosures of clerical child sex abuse. Many, I’m sure have been reduced to tears. I certainly have. As a victim of such abuse, the subject raises memories that are normally locked away. (I was not Catholic, so no, it was not at the hand of a priest, but at the sadly, much more common, hand of a family member.) Some of the details of the abuse cited in the PA’s AG report are so heart-wrenching that the tears quickly give way to outrage and anger and yes, to hatred!

That is where I find myself. I feel nothing but hatred for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops right now. I’ve written my own Bishop, informing him that I have joined the ranks of Catholics who will refuse to contribute to any diocesan project until certain demands are met.

The Letter does little to mollify the anger, however. I find myself praying that every Attorney General in the nation follows Pennsylvania’s lead and raid the chanceries of every diocese in the country. I pray the Feds launch a RICO investigation. I pray the movement catches fire and goes global.

I know that such an outcome would more than decimate the Church hierarchy – hell, at this point I would be surprised if even a tenth of them would be left standing when the dust finally clears – but I. Don’t. Care.

I want my Church purged of these filthy faggots! I want the sodomites stripped of their collars. I want them stripped of the priestly black and cardinal’s red. I want to see these perverts and the cowards who protected them spend the rest of their days in prison orange. And in my more livid moments, I must confess, I want to see them burn at the stake!

No, I’m not being hyperbolic. I really do want to see these monstrous abusers of children burn at the stake.

I trust my Lord’s promise that He would be with His Church until world’s end. I believe my Lord when He said that the Gates of Hell would fall before us. And so I say, ‘bring on the chastisement! Bring on the indictments, the perp-walks, the trials, the sentences and the  Auto-da-fe, if it be God’s Will.



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