War Demons – A Book Recomendation

War Demons: A Supernatural Thriller (The Prodigal Son Book 1) by [Newquist, Russell]

Michael Alexander returns from Afghanistan to his hometown of Athens Georgia with a case of PTSD, a guilty conscience and an actual demon in this fierce-flying, high action urban fantasy. There are also vampires (of sorts), golems and even a dragon for our protagonist to contend with. But worst of all there is also a psycho ex-lover in the mix!

And there’s a whole lot of combat in the tale. All kinds of combat: magical, close-quarter hand-to-hand, sword slinging and shoot ‘em ups galore, all written in a taut, engaging style. The book is so packed with action sequences that you will be carried from front cover to back in a dizzying, adrenaline-fueled rush.

If the story has a fault, it is one born of excess. And here I might just be quibbling but, there were so many golems and vampires and zombies that the trees were lost for the forest. By this I mean that any creepy, vile or other-worldly vibe to the monsters was lost when they were being blown away like so many featureless clay pigeons. My complaint only applies to the monsters used as hordes. The titular demon, the dragon and the ex-girlfriend were by contrast very well drawn.

If you’re a fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files or Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International, then Russell Newquist’s War Demons will be sure to please.

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