Go Woke – Go Broke

  NETFLIX Shares Crash  in the latest example of the mounting evidence that Progressives are bad for business. the streaming network's  Deal With The Obamas, their signing on of  Obama Loyalist Susan Rice to their board as well as their celebration of  Abortion  and peddling of  Child Porn! are taking a toll on the bottom line. This is good news but … Continue reading Go Woke – Go Broke

Millhaven Press seeks Sword & Sorcery Tales

Have you got a Sword and Sorcery Tale collecting dust like a long-dead, mad wizard’s scroll in a damp and dark dungeon?

Millhaven Press will take a gander at it…

Books of the Broken

Millhaven Press is looking for one more Heroic Sword & Sorcery Tale to complete an anthology due out in winter 2018/Spring 2019.

The story should be 10,000+ words.

The theme is generalized and should be taken as a jumping off point.  We want each story to embrace the works of Robert E. Howard and others, but not mimic them.  We want a creative approach to the genre.

Compensation is 20% of net sales plus a free contributor copy.

Send submissions to millhavenpress@gmail.com.

Use Sword & Sorcery/Story Title/Word Count in the subject line of the email.

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