The Co-Dominion Is Born!


During the height of the Cold War, science fiction author, Jerry Pournelle envisioned a future alliance between America and Russia that would carve up the world between them. He named this future super-duper world power, the Co-Dominion.  At the time I thought it a fanciful notion, a good idea that could never, ever materialize. I was still young and naive enough to believe journalists knew what they were talking about and thus subscribed to idea that the two nations would be locked in ever-escalating proxy wars until a final, cataclysmic nuclear exchange.

To cut journalists some slack, I must confess that this gloom and doom scenario resonated better with the nihilism of my dissolute youth.

At any rate, watching Trump and Putin together has brought back to mind the idea of the Co-Dominion. And I must say, it is very exciting! And no, it’s not because I expect them to carve up the globe between them. (Though, I must say that I could think of a great many worse fates for the world.) What excites me is that both men are staunch nationalists and happen to run Earth’s two greatest nuclear super powers. If they can get along, we might just be allowed to enter an era of peace. Not the true and lasting peace of the Kingdom of God, mind you, but a lesser, mortal yet meaningful and much needed peace all the same.

This in part is why the media, politicos and their sycophantic celebs are apoplectic. Like the Muslims they go out of their way to defend, the progressive’s idea of peace is defined by submission to their creed. They can not imagine peace between peoples of different values. Their contempt for conservative and/or republican minorities regularly proves that their regard for diversity is only skin deep. Trump and Putin are white males, which is bad enough for most liberals, but their true and sin most grave in the eyes of their detractors, is their unabashed, unapologetic nationalism. It marks them as clear and present enemies of globalism.

If Hal Turner is correct, Trump and Putin are also an immediate threat to the architects of the New World Order. Either way globalism is in retreat around the world and an alliance between America and Russia will speed the process on.

Globalism’s shills in the culture at large know this. They can feel it in their bones, the undoing of their world, the unraveling of their narrative; the coming end of their reign.

All their weeping, their wailing and gnashing of teeth is music to our ears!


Do You Remember When Collusion With Russia Was Cool?


Well done, President Trump! Well done, President Putin! I eagerly await the next triggering event!

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