Go Woke – Go Broke


tv-trashNETFLIX Shares Crash  in the latest example of the mounting evidence that Progressives are bad for business. the streaming network’s  Deal With The Obamas, their signing on of  Obama Loyalist Susan Rice to their board as well as their celebration of  Abortion  and peddling of  Child Porn! are taking a toll on the bottom line.

This is good news but we can use a whole lot more of it. Ratings are down and declining across the media/entertainment complex board. Television news and sports, movies and publishing are all hurting,  but none of the threats to these industries appears to be existential ones.

That is too bad.

If only 50% of conservatives and traditionalists would cut the cord and boycott the entertainment industries in general, the culture of death that rules over most of it could be brought to its knees within the space of a few years.

I’m not advocating an all out eschewing of entertainment, of course. There are wholesome, life affirming alternatives out there which I will highlight here from time to time. I’m only advising that it behooves us not to fill the coffers of those who not only despise us, but would see us exterminated, if given half the chance.


3 thoughts on “Go Woke – Go Broke

  1. I used to love Netflix, mostly because it was simply a legal streaming site for movies. But then they got rid of most of the movies, and started their own (pretty horrible) shows. And so I got rid of my prescription. And now they are going to stream Korean dramas (why, I’m not sure, but perhaps it is a tactic to try to save their company). It’s sad because I used to love Netflix, but now with they politically-charged shows and lack of variety, I’m just not interested anymore.

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    1. Netflix used to be my binge-watching service of choice. It’s too bad, but I had to get rid of it as well. SJWs ruin everything they touch!

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