Well, at least the first draft is complete.

The Final Two Chapters Will Be Posted This Coming Monday. If you haven’t been following the serialization thus far, you can begin here with   Chapter 1!

I will now work on something else for a month or so, before returning to it with fresh eyes for a final round of editing and tweaking before releasing it… maybe…

There are a growing number of writers out there that are waiting until they have a full trilogy written before launching their series. They claim that launching the books one or two months apart optimizes amazon’s sales algorithm, generating maximum profits for them.

I love this idea, only I’m not as prolific a writer as these guys. This first 67K word novel took me nearly a year to write! The two sequels I envision for it are mere inchoate abstractions at this point. At this rate, it would be two more years before I had a trilogy ready to upload.

Of course, the alternative is to rev up my present, Impulse Powered rate of 500 – 1,000 words a day to the 3,000 plus words a day of  PULP SPEED! 

It’s something worth attempting in the coming months.

In the mean time, I will celebrate the victory of actually finishing a draft and that means it is time to…



But first breakfast and then maybe a nap…

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