Cover Reveal for ONE LAST FLIGHT

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy means of creating an e-book cover, then say hello to  CRELLO!


If I had a good-sized lump of expendable cash at hand I would’ve hired an artist to depict a scene of the Strumpet’s duel with the Starwings amid the asteroid field. Alas, I can’t afford such an exciting cover and must therefore go the shoestring route.



For all its limitations,  CRELLO  still offers more choices than Kindle’s Cover Creator (KCC has no spaceships!) and the price is right. It’s not a great cover, but it’s not bad for a whopping .99 cents and a half hour’s fiddling through the site’s menu of options.

If the Good Lord is willing, and what few but mighty fans I have recommend the novel far and wide upon its release (Tentatively scheduled for July 1, 2018),  One Last Flight  will make enough money to afford its sequel a professional cover.

Thank you to all who have followed its serialization!

If you haven’t been following the weekly installments, fear not! There is still time to begin with  This Here Link To Chapter 1!


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