Strong Female Characters

Or Just Fighting Machines With Breasts?

It is refreshing and heartening to have come across one so young that is also this wise among the generation that has brought us condom snorting, Tide Pod eating and David Hogg.

Thanks to  John C Wright‘s blog wherein I found the video.

2 thoughts on “Strong Female Characters

  1. i feel like most characters are on a spectrum between “wilted lettuce” (which is really not that bad- that type of character has existed for millions of years) and “Bad ass”.

    My creepypasta is my attempt at making a “wilted lettuce” male character-

    someone who is emotional and fragile. Male or female we all wear the mask of fragile hopelessness the same way.


    1. In real life people will be found all over the place on that spectrum. In fiction and other popular entertainment, ninety pound women are, with ever greater frequency, found on the ‘bad-ass’ end of the spectrum. It has gotten so bad, so predictable and downright boring that I will avoid, with extreme prejudice, any film or tv show that features one of these deadly, ‘I don’t need no saving damsels’ just as I summarily dismiss any book with a gun-toting or sword-wielding heroine on the cover.

      My disbelief will no longer allow itself to be suspended by this modern trope.

      I’ll check out your story over the weekend.


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