A Good Gal With A Gun Saves The Day!

Dedicated as it is to seeing all citizens completely disarmed and thus helpless before the power of the state and criminals, the Main Stream Media will never hesitate to push the narrative that we need ever more draconian gun control. It will plaster every tragic shooting across its every medium 24/7 with all the righteous indignation it can drum up. With the exception of one salient fact, every aspect and angle of every tragedy will be reported, round-tabled and exploited ad nauseam in pursuit of gun control.

The one fact that will be willfully ignored by the talking heads in every case is the actual rarity of these tragic shootings. These tragedies are astonishingly rare considering that upwards of 40% of America’s 320 million citizens own at least one firearm. If guns were truly the problem, there would be multiple Columbine tragedies a day across the country. 

Instead, legal and  Defensive Gun Use  is the actual norm. Every year there are literally hundreds of thousands of more cases of good people using guns to defend themselves and their loved ones than there are cases of criminal gun use. These stories don’t make it to prime time because they contradict the narrative the MSM is peddling.

They do occasionally get caught on tape:


It is extremely gratifying, in the cockles-of-the-heart warming sort of way, to watch this punk get what’s coming to him after he pulls a gun on group of women and children!

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