Fairy Tales or Documentaries?


I have no trouble believing that our ruling elite are capable of the heinous crimes Q, SGT Report and others accuse them of committing. I cannot know how widespread the Satanic pedophile cult is across the globe. I do, however, fear the worst of the conjectures will be proven to be true. Sadly, some of the aforementioned conjectures leads me to expect my beloved Catholic Church to be caught smack-dab in the middle of the coming shit storm.

My faith in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will not be shaken by any revelation, however disturbing. I saw the signs of something dark and sinister in the heart of Her even as I was converting to Catholicism back in 2013. I converted anyway because I saw just as clearly that the evil I glimpsed was alien to the Church, inimical to Her and that it was only sidling, or rather slithering up against Her to deliver its loveless Judas kiss on Her blessed cheek.

Yes, I will be sad when the revelations come, at last, to light. Q warns that the Pope is in for a troubling May, but regardless of his/her/their prediction or whether the whole Q phenomenon is naught but a LARPER’s psy-op, things are coming to a head in the Church during this Pontificate. I will be sad to see exactly how far my beloved Church has fallen but, I will not despair. I will not despair because another part of me will be glad to see it all out in the open. It will be a relief to finally see the sheepskins torn from the backs of the wolves in collars and under miters. I will rejoice to look them in the eye and spit in their snarling snouts!


I’m afraid The Vortex is just scratching the surface with this one:

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