Twitter Censors Blacks and Muslims!



Oh… my bad. It’s whites and Christians Twitter is censoring.

It’s an easy mistake to make and judging by the utter lack of outrage and coverage from the Lame Street Media, I’m guessing there’s nothing wrong here. Just move along now. Go find yourself a cute cat video somewhere.

Of course, Twitter’s censorship of Christians is small potatoes, a gentler and kinder – if you will – sort of persecution, nothing even comparable to what 200 million Christians are facing Around The World.

And neither is Twitter the only social media platform practicing this pathetic form of passive-aggressive bigotry. Facebook does it routinely: see HERE for just the latest example.

The breakup of these tech monopolies can’t come fast enough. But I have every confidence that before President Trump’s eight years are up, these platforms will either have a genuine ‘Come to Jesus’ moment or they will be gutted like the filthy swines that they are.


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