I didn’t finish One Last Flight this weekend as I thought I might. Thus the bottle of Glenlivet remains on my desk, unopened and taunting me. The ending of this story has continually receded from me like the line of the horizon. I can’t really complain about it because, quite frankly, I’ve been having a blast writing it. I am close however, or rather I could wrap up the story with one last chapter. And while I am tempted to do just that and put it on the done pile, another possibility has been presented to me by its present length.

The tale that began as a short story now stands at 36 K words! One last chapter would bring it to the neighborhood of 40 thousand words. If however I could add enough scenes to it to breach Fifty Thousand Words, I would have a novel on my hands! As a novel, it would qualify to be entered into the  Kindle Scout contest, giving me a shot at an instant $1500.00!

It’s a long shot, of course, but a roll of the bones every now and again can do no harm.

Decisions… decisions… decisions…

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