2017: A Very Sexy Year!

Hugh Hefner, godfather of the sexual revolution, the original male feminist – the only one of the breed that was up front and honest about objectifying women – the very man who not only legitimized pornography but made it chic, hip and all kinds of cool, died on September 27, 2017. A mere 13 days later, the Harvey Weinstein story breaks at the New York Times. Hilarity and schadenfreude ensued as the aforementioned sexual revolution began to unravel before our eyes. In hindsight it seems almost inevitable because, as author John C. Wright observes…

The Sexual Revolution was illogical from the beginning. The assumption that sex is so insignificant that social norms had no business restricting it to married couples is a direct logical contradiction to the assumption that sex is of such utmost significance that social norms can and must be overridden whenever the all-important sexual impulse so demands.

In the first case, the argument of the sexual revolutionary runs that the traditional rules of chastity, the norms of restrained behavior expected from gentlemen and ladies, and most of all the reverence and respect paid to virgins for their virginity and to matrons for their maternity, all of these are dismissed as petty and frantic, the fretful worries of benighted killjoys, puritans, and fussy busybodies.

The first argument hence is that sex is unimportant, merely a natural biological function, so you may not criticize the satyr for his whoring and masturbation. It’s no big deal, man.

In the second case, the argument of the sexual revolutionary runs that the traditional rules of chastity are insignificant to the all-important, nay, the godlike authority of the sexual impulse. The intimacy, the raptures of ecstasy, the sublime pleasure, and indeed the self-expression of sex is asserted to have a higher priority than any mere human institution or any mere social norms.

The second argument hence is that sex is all-important, the highest peak of human life, so you may not criticize the nymph for her harlotry and aborticides. It ain’t nobodies business but her own.

The two arguments contradict each other, and yet, conveniently, reach the exact same conclusion. It is also the conclusion that a pleasure-seeking swine seeks to reach, since it justifies his behavior. More than justifies, these paired arguments actually invert morality: for now the virtue, chastity, is become the vice of self-repression, and the vice, unchastity, is become the virtue of boldness and self-actualization…

Read the whole thing HERE!

This contradiction born of the illogical underpinnings of the sexual revolution goes a long way to explaining why our college campuses can, at the same time, be hives for the ‘Hook Up’ generation and denounced as hell holes of ‘rape culture.’ The argument might also explain why sodomites and their sycophants can shamelessly harass a A Porn Star Unto Suicide.

The sexual revolution is certainly responsible for the Failure of Fatherhood and the myriad social ills that failure has bred. The worst evil out of that Pandora’s box would have to be feminism which, for all its blather about emancipation and empowerment and equality, did diddly squat to defend the #Me Too (is this pronounced, Pound Me Too — just asking?) generation from the degeneracy of Weinstien, Laur, Franken et al.

I guess we should attribute it to Hollywood’s dark sense of humor that they have produced a seemingly endless parade of laughable fantasies, films featuring one 90 pound wondrous woman after another who can kick the asses of platoons of linebackers without breaking a nail or a sweat, when the tragically comic reality is that all the Grrrl Power! in the real world couldn’t muster the physical courage to slap the face of any of the boorish cads that groped or grabbed them unsolicited. Neither could any of these modern, oh so liberated women summon the moral courage to put their dignity before their careers and speak out against the man-boys who harassed and violated them.

Color me unimpressed with Women’s Liberation. Feminism is a sham, the opiate of the Mses.

When taken in concentrated doses, feminism produces pathetic caricatures of woman such as this Poor Creature.

And as the passage of time reveals feminism’s real world uselessness, time has also begun to expose feminism’s Occult Roots!


Interestingly enough, while some conservatives have been caught up in the unfolding scandal, it has, to the undying chagrin of Progressivism, predominantly been liberals who have been exposed by it.

A Rape of Democrats

This is far from over. In fact, 2018 may demonstrate that it is only JUST BEGINNING!

And that’s a good thing because the last time the news brought me such unmitigated joy was way back when, watching the Berlin Wall fall and the Soviet Union crumble.

I imagine watching the fall of Hollywood will feel even greater! Maybe something like this:

And yes, they have had it coming for a long, long time now. And by they, I mean the whole modernist Mordor-like monstrosity that is the Hollywood-DC-Media complex.

As much unmitigated fun as it has been to watch these politicians and progressive icons fall from power, as much joy as those soon to fall will bring us, they are all nothing but the visible outcropping of Mount Doom. Beneath the mount is the true hell of pedophilia, human trafficking and human sacrificing yet to be exposed. We shall know that the investigations are approaching the Satanic core of the present world order when the firings and resignations give way to a wave of  murders and suicides among the kakocracy.


Higher Education Goes Low

Because it can!




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