So What Exactly is, ‘One Last Flight’?

One Last Flight  is a novella set in the universe of  The Holy Terran Empire.

The Holy Terran Empire  is an idea for a space opera I’ve been kicking around in my head for a few months. Consider it a Catholic blend of Star Trek and Star Wars. It is set some three thousand years after the events of  The Omega Crusade,  the first book of which,  The House of War,  can be sampled on this site’s  About Page. 

Tentative Blurb for The Holy Terran Empire

In the 51st century mankind has spread out through a great swath of the galaxy without finding a single habitable planet. Instead, man has Terra-formed nearly a thousand planets and moons into living worlds. The three thousand years of exploring the galaxy has also failed to turn up any alien life forms – not so much as a microbe! Humanity has instead split itself through genetic engineering into scores of distinct hybrids and mutations.

Earth, The One True World, is the capitol of The Holy Terran Empire, largest and mightiest of the galactic superpowers in the 51st century. The Empire in turn is ruled by the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Rome.

Not everyone in the galaxy, or even on Earth, is happy with the arrangement.

One Last Flight, as has been stated, is a tale set in this universe, but it is a side story, peripheral to the epic clash of empires around it. I am writing it in the hope that the glimpse into the larger universe that the novella provides will generate sufficient interest in the novels to follow it.

Tentative Blurb for One Last Flight

Gaelic of Arkum is a smuggler. He is scratching out a living for himself hauling all manner of illicit goods across the deeps of space for a ruthless crime lord. Gaelic is an ex-junkie living under a false identity. Gaelic is a traitor, hiding from the forces of the Federation of Free Planets he once served.

Gaelic of Arkum is also terminally ill.

All he wants to do with the little time he has left is drop off his last haul, get paid, and hole up in his favorite cat house for a week before shoving off back into space for one last flight straight down the maul of oblivion.

His boss however has other plans for him, plans that risk trapping Gaelic between the fleets of The Holy Terran Empire and their rivals, his former comrades, the Federation of Free Planets. And if the prospects of dying in the custody of the Federation’s Special Forces or the Empire’s equally zealous Knights Templar weren’t bad enough, Gaelic’s buried past is suddenly unearthed and confronts him with shame and guilt and a hatred long thought dead.

It’s all enough to make Gaelic of Arkum wonder just who he has to kill to be able to die in peace!?!

One Last Flight is a tale of love, loss and redemption in the shadow of war.



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