One Last Flight – Day Nine

Maybe its a classic case of ye olde fear of success, but there is definitely something about deadlines that always leads me to sabotage myself. I made the end of September my deadline to finish One Last Flight. I’m not going to make it. I dithered away the last six days with one distraction or another instead of writing for two sessions a day as I had resolved to.

Fortunately the week wasn’t a complete loss. I didn’t completely ignore the novella. One of the things I dithered with was the cover creating program Crello. The novella will have a decent cover when I finally get around to finishing the writing. I also did get some editing done and managed to add some 1,200 words.

That’s an average of 200 words a day.



All I can do now is put the weak week behind me, get back behind my desk and try again.

This has lead me to reconsider my NaNoWriMo plans. Originally I was going to invest the effort in writing The House of Islam, the sequel to my self-published, The House of War. I will instead dedicate the challenge to finishing my dystopian tale, Novus Ordo. 50 K words should wrap that story up nicely.

The clock is ticking. Best I get the keys a-clicking!


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