One Last Flight – Day One, sort of…

It was supposed to be a short story but, One Last Flight had its own plans.

I started it three weeks ago and after working on it for two-to-three hours, six days a week I managed to reach 6,892 words and the uneasy feeling I was only 1/4 of the way through the story. My words per day average (WPD) was 382 and my words per hour (WPH), arrived at by multiplying 18 days by 2.5 hours for a total of 45 hours averaged out at a whopping 154.

This snail’s pace scribbling has proved unacceptable.

Thus I am abandoning my edit-as-I-write approach for that recommended by Chris Fox. In short, he recommends writing in two types of sprints. The first sort is a short 5 minute stretch of uninterrupted and unedited writing, which Fox calls, Micro Sprints. He recommends they be dedicated to sketches of your novel’s scenes. The second sort, which I will refer to as the Macro Sprint, is the actual writing of the novel in hour long sprints, again uninterrupted and unedited. The unedited part is the real trick, a difficult one for someone like me who has always edited while writng. Fox suggests leaving putting the editing off until a draft is completed.

Day One Results

Micro Sprint – 140 words – Projected WPH – 1680

Macro Sprint – 481 words- Actual WPH – 481

Hurricane Update: Irma seems to be headed for the Gulf of Mexico and so my neck of the pine woods in South Carolina are now out of her crosshairs.






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